Welcome Garden Dedication, Sept. 23, 2012

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Almost finished!

The installation of the garden is finished and now we are taking care of details: letting the grass grow, positioning the bike rack, making plans for a sign. Feel free to come by and walk the labyrinth or enjoy the new plantings but please do stay off the lawn until the grass is established. The garden will be officially open after the dedication ceremony planned for Sunday, Sept. 23.

Here’s how things look now. Enjoy!

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Greening the Garden

During the week of July 4th our Welcome Garden has begun to look like a garden! The brink entry pathway is complete.  On July 2, our landscapers delivered the trees and shrubs and began to put them into place with the supervision of Joanna, the landscape designer.  Below are the trees and shrubs waiting to become our garden.

Plants and shrubs awaiting planting

Trees were moved into position and placed according to the landscape plan.  Then Joanna unwrapped them and holes were dug.

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Walls, Arbors, and Paths

The past two weeks our landscaper, Blade of Grass, has made rapid progress.  The Welcome Garden is beginning to take shape around the labyrinth, with the erection of the wall at the entrance to the labyrinth, the installation of the two arbors, and the grading of the entrance paths.  These photos should explain themselves.

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Landscaping Begins

After a rain delay, our landscaper, Blade of Grass, has begun work on the garden layout surrounding the labyrinth.  This might be a good time to look again at the overall plan to see where the labyrinth fits into the overall design.

The area surrounding the labyrinth has now been stripped down to dirt.
Among other details, the landscapers have dug the footers for the bench at the top of the labyrinth.
We’ll be following the installation of the garden over the next few weeks.
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Our “Petite Chartres” Labyrinth: A Retrospective

Our labyrinth has been done for several weeks, and landscaping is about to begin the second week in June.  Lets look back on some of the final (and fine) details of the final weeks of construction.

Outer circuits, with inner turns to be cut

As the circuits in the brickwork began to emerge from the concentric rings, we became aware of the tremendous challenge of building a complex, curved design into a medium of straight, hard bricks.  Every brick had to be cut to fit around, or within, a curve.  The resulting gaps had to be filled with artfully cut wedges of brick, each one measured to fit in one, particular space.

Marty would place a brick above a gap and mark his cuts, often using another cut brick as a guide.  Then, he would trim the brick–often in a pie-shape or wedge to fill space between a curving line of bricks and a straight line.  No two pieces cut this way are the same.

Marking a trim line

Our”Petite Chartres” labyrinth is one of very few small-scale reproductions of the famous Chartres labyrinth.  We are blessed to share with out community such a beautiful, durable space for meditation and renewal.

Marty wet the bricks so we could see the central rosette pattern

Our labyrinth is now covered during landscaping to protect it from dirt. If all goes according to our already delayed schedule, we will be able to walk the garden and labyrinth by mid-summer.

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Labyrinth Forum Tonight, April 28th, 7pm, WCUC

Just a reminder that Debi and Marty Kermeen will be hosting a presentation and discussion on labyrinths, and the WCUC labyrinth, at West Concord Union Church in Concord, MA, April 28th at 7pm.  Free and open to the public.

Please come!


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